Animation homework in the holidays- walk cycle

Film and sketch poses in a walk cycle

I filmed a person walking and then drew these sketches from the movie

somebody walking:

walk cycle sketches


story board


The story board for Abby and Teddy, was originally longer, starting with Abby entering the room and looking for teddy, giving up and getting into bed before this part of the story. It is only meant to be 1 minute long in total and we only needed to animate 1 character so this is the result. Now I need to model, rig and animate Teddy, I have mostly done Abby to date.

Organic Character Modelling Project STAGE 1: Character design

I decided to base my character’s face on this model from America’s top model all stars, her huge pale blue eyes, small nose and small red mouth, blonde hair and pale skin. I then decided to make her a little girl so I am basing her head shape and maybe hair on my little niece called Abby. I drew a Teddy from my imagination but got photos of a real 1 to see the way the limbs move and bend because it is different to a live being

 tumblr_lwed1s0vRP1qdzenwiphone 803teddy4


iphone 799iphone 896iphone 796mmmm paddle pop!!!


My first rough sketches were very different to where I ended up

teddy sketchescharacter 002ccharacter 002dcharacter 003bcharacter 012character 013character 014character 015character 001a

You can see the changes in my character design

Here are my final drawings for my characters. Abby will have pyjamas on rather than a dress for easier animating.