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Organic Character Modelling Project STAGE 2: Preliminary modelling

I started with my character drawings. Using side and front views I modelled 1 half of the body by adding edges and dragging vertices, and extruding faces to match the drawings. This part is easy matching the box model to the schematics and reference sources. I later made changes it as I saw the need.
My first attempt was terrible and looked like a burns victim because I had tried making the facial features before we were taught how to do it and I had used a sphere for the head which is bad because it has lots of triangles at the top and bottom.
So I started again with a  cube and bevelled the edges for the head and didn’t try to do any features yet, just the general shape of the head.
I started with a cube for the body too. I didn’t have too much trouble doing this first step of matching the model to the drawing..
Extruding the leg down and the arm out the side and then shaping them was no problem either.
When I was happy with it I duplicated it and scaled it on the x axis to -1, combined both halves and merged vertices, same with the head onto the body, no trouble.

Box modelling Teddy…  using the image planes as references.. the hard bit is arranging flow  to be more anatomically correct so when the model deforms it will bend in natural places… just trying again and again to see if I can make it work so that there are minimum poles, where more than 4 edges meet at a vertex, and that they are where I might need some pinching, and no faces with 3 or more  than 5 edges. I have done 2 Teddies so far amd may do another 1 because I am not too happy with the shapes I have.


I started Teddy 3 times. I changed the joints of the limbs to be flat like it is stitched.

I had to straighten arm and legs but they can be rebent to a normal pose after the skeleton is in.

I liked it when I used a lattice to change the shape of the arm and leg, it looked better than by moving vertices 1 by 1.

The original face was terrible and the eyeballs were awful. I found it looked best when I extruded the snout out from the face