UFO start

tadaaah see I did do something.

Here are some references that I like which are similar to the ones given with the brief. I want a cone of cloudy light and tendrils like in the images

My first attempt-

I made emiiters and particles to emit particles and changed the particle render types. I used fields such as turbulence, newton and vortex. I  assigned particle cloud shaders  to the particles and changed the colour, transparency and incandescence and the colours of them too.

I think it’s really funny how it looks like it is probing the ground or you if you are under it looking up.


and again-

I have been trying to get a cone within a cone too and so far this is what I have

I did a batch render of 150 frames as jpgs and opened it in Nuke and rendered it there to make a movie to see in Quicktime, uploaded it to youtube and here it is as it stands at the moment. The outer cone may be a bit too faint because it is hardly visible.


more tractor beam references

I googled plasma and found lots of pictures that looked similar to the fine tendrils that the brief was after in the tractor beam and some of the colours are similar too.


I have been experimenting with different things to try to achieve something similar but the results that aren’t close to what I wanted.